Our History

Here is some interesting History of Greaves Adventist Academy:


1899 – January Montreal English Church School is founded.


1937- Some of the school history cannot be traced from that time until it reappears in the year 1937. In 1937 there were two schools, an English one and a French one.  Since that time the English school is the one that remained in operation.


1952-1972 - The Ontario-Quebec Seventh-day Adventist Conference assumed the responsibility of the school and renamed it, the Montreal Seventh-day Adventist School.  This school operated out of the Westmount Seventh-day Adventist Church, which was at that time, located at 4350 Western Avenue, Westmount.  This school has been truly nomadic; but it has always travelled with the presence of the Lord.  Including the present location at 2330 West Hill Avenue, there have been ten different locations since 1952.


1952 - 1962 - During this period a total of eight teachers taught in the school.  Each one served for very short periods of time.  


1963 - Mrs. Sylvia Greaves, the ninth teacher, took charge with a total enrollment of nine students in five grade levels.  


1978 -Succeeding Mrs. Greaves, was the late Edmond Wason who served until 1978.


1979- Under the direction of the Quebec Conference, our school was renamed The Adventist School of Montreal (West).  With a gradual but steadily increasing enrollment over the years, seventy-three students were registered for the 1979-1980 School Year.  This occurred when three levels of secondary education (Secondary 1, 2, 3) were officially included for the first time in the school’s curriculum.


1983 - Mrs. Gloria Antrobus-Greaves became the next secretary/treasurer, and continued to serve as Secretary/Registrar for 31 years; she holds the distinction as the longest serving employee of the school.  Mrs. Cynthia Feijoo De Cuevas, is the current school Secretary/Registrar who has been with the school for over 11 years.


1985 -Mrs. Greaves retires but not before seeing the school enrollment increase to 90 students.


1994 - The school was renamed Greaves Adventist Academy in honour of the longest serving (22 years) principal, Mrs. Sylvia Greaves.


2008 - Greaves Adventist Academy Montreal became the parent school to Greaves Adventist Academy - Sartigan Campus in Saint-Georges de Beauce.  Our Sartigan Campus is a Kindergarten to Grade 7 School offering bilingual instruction.  This school has a small family atmosphere which produces big results in both at school and in the local community.  This is educational facility is strongly supported school by its church community.


2013-2014 - Enrollment of 277 students at Greaves Adventist Academy – Montreal Campus.


After Mr. Wason’s departure, there have been two interim principals: Mr. Graham and Mr. Roy Pierce, and seven full-time principals: Mr. James Duberry, Dr. Roy Couty, Dr. Julia Falla, Mrs. T.Z. Cousins, Mrs. Davina Peters, Dr. Horace I. Goddard, Ms. Keisha Williams Cummings.